“For hair to be beautiful, it has to be healthy”

Philip Kingsley


Vavavoom’s Philip Kingsley Hair & Scalp Centre is unique and the only fully dedicated centre of its kind outside of London.

Our centre is only served with strictly limited availability by VaVaVoom’s Salon Director Elsa and Artistic Director Loretta, both of whom have extensive Philip Kingsley training and experience. Offering complete privacy during all aspects of our service from consultation and treatment through to final styling and hair finishing.

Equipped with a full range of Specialised equipment including high definition scalp cameras, Full complement of all Philip Kingsley treatments, Dedicated personal range of treatment brushes, professional grade hair steamer, Biodegradable one use only towels and the Dyson Supersonic professional hairdryer to minimise scalp heat exposure.

Why visit our Specialist centre?
  • I have noticeably less hair than I used to have
  • I’ve noticed more hair shedding in the shower, on my pillow or in my hairbrush
  • My hair doesn’t have as much volume as it used to
  • My hair is visibly damaged
  • I have fine hair and simply want more volume
  • My hair is dry, dull and lacklustre 
  • My scalp is itchy and irritated
  • I can’t get rid of persistent dandruff
  • I have a scalp affecting skin condition such as psoriasis
  • I want to get the best from my hair and have a full scalp and hair condition check up to minimise future problems
Whilst this service is primarily aimed at clients with hair & scalp conditions, the in-depth consultation, identification and treatment of your hair will leave it in the best possible condition.

An annual check up to minimise any future problems is highly recommended.


A Specialised 2 hour diagnosis, treatment and finish service. This is a highly personal and intense service with strictly limited appointment availability. Diagnosis is undertaken in a private consultation room with detailed hair, scalp and symptom examination together with scalp and hair condition photography. The dedicated upstairs Salon treatment area is screened off and only one client is treated at any one time giving complete privacy and relaxation.


  • Hair & Scalp examination including HD Camera analysis visible on screen by the client
  • In-depth assessment of hair type, condition and scalp condition
  • Full overview of factors that have / are affecting your hair
  • Provision of detailed Treatment plan and after care advice


  • Prescribed Scalp mask applied to treat scalp condition
  • Elasticizer applied to boost hair moisture levels and increase elasticity and shine
  • Steam treatment to fully activate Scalp mask and Elastiziser
  • Head and neck massage to exfoliate and relieve scalp tension


  • Shampoo & Condition using prescribed products
  • Styling using prescribed products
  • Low temperature blow dry with Dyson SupersonicTM professional
  • Post treatment Hair & Scalp examination with HD Camera

PRICE £129

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